Book Review – Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Book: Alice in Wonderland

Author: Lewis Carroll

Introduction and Notes: Tan Lin

Format: Paperback

Written: 1863, first published in 1865

Publisher: Barnes and Noble Classics, 2004

Alice was never like the other children. Where others might think a talking rabbit wearing a waistcoat rather curious, she never really gave it a second thought; so following it down a hole, alongside an out of tune piano was only logical. Unfortunately, as she reached the bottom, she found herself in quite a quandary, as all the doors were locked, and she was much too big to fit through them anyhow. Luckily for her, there was a key and a little bottle of juice sitting on the table just for her, one that would make her shrink to just the right size.  Little did she know that just outside the door a crazy adventure of dormice hares and hatters, wild and nonsensical tea parties, babes that turn to pigs, and temperamental royalty was waiting for her in a place known as Wonderland.

I will start by saying I truly enjoyed the wordplay and imagination used by Lewis Carroll in this tale. What he created was nothing short of true genius that made my inner artist dance. Unfortunately, that was about the only reason I was able to make it through the book. I found Alice to be frustratingly stupid much of the time as she repeatedly prattled on about mixed up school lessons, how she must not be herself since being in a strange place, and then telling all small birds and creatures about  how much they would love her cat. Also, the book seemed to flow quite slowly in several places, especially at the beginning. That being said, if you are considering reading this book, I would not discourage you. It is worth reading at least once if for no other reason than the creativity and classical value it possesses. Who knows? Maybe you will even find it is your mad cup of tea.

Score: 3 pages

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