Book Review- Peter Pan

Book:  Peter Pan

Author:  J.M. Barrie

Illustrated By: Elisa Trimby

Written:  1911

Published: Paperback, 1994

Just about everyone has heard the story of Peter Pan – the boy who refused to grow up; but have you heard the real story? Peter Pan, the original book by J.M. Barrie, tells the real story of how Peter entices the young Wendy and her brothers to join him and the Lost Boys in Neverland, a magical island full of Indians and Pirates, Fairies and Mermaids, and more adventures than any child could dream imaginable.

Having literally just finished this book, I honestly cannot tell exactly how I feel toward it. Usually I know exactly what I want to say even before the last page is finished, and yet, that is not the case with this book. It was nothing like what I expected. Sure, I have heard the story over and over again, but this, as is the case with most books taken to movie, was so similar, yet so different. Peter is a much more selfish child than is typically portrayed, and yet, he is nothing more than a young boy who is in need of a mother, and I could expect nothing less from him. The book is more violent than I would think a children’s story would be, especially in this day and age, but again, it was written at a time when even the fanciful stories were more realistic. Over all, I believe I rather enjoyed it. There was something special about it, whether it was that it spoke to the little girl inside me, or the ingeniously playful use of words, or that it stirred up the imagination, or a combination of it all. I appreciated how realistic the characters personalities and mannerisms were, very multidimensional and I even found myself both loving and hating the villainous Captain Hook. It is a book I definitely plan to read again, which is not something I often say.

Overall, I give this book a 4 page rating. I do not know if everyone will enjoy it as much as I have, but it is definitely worth reading at least once, if, for no other reason, than the nostalgia it brings you back to of a childhood filled with pirates, and fairies, and the dream that one day you would find a way to fly.

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