Book Review – Bzrk by Michael Grant

Title: Bzrk
Author: Michael Grant
Format: Hardback
Written: 2012
Published: 2012

When I picked up the book Bzrk, the first thing that drew me too it was the author. Michael Grant has written a series of books best known as the “Gone Series” which until recently, I was absolutely enthralled with and was recommending. If you have read my review on his latest book in the series known as Fear, you would know that I have become somewhat disenchanted with his work. It then begs the question of why would I risk myself on another book of his? The answer is simple: the day I bought and picked up Fear is the same day I bought and picked up Bzrk. At the time I figured I’ve read four great books by this man, a new book by him with an interesting premise is bound to be good, right? Wrong.

The basic plot of Bzrk is a world where Nano technology is used as a form of warfare and Sadie and Noah are the two main characters that are thrown into the midst of it, and struggle to make heads or tails of anything. Quite honestly I am right with them! In the span of four chapters, which is no more than 35 pages, a whole armada of character are introduced that seem to have little, if any connection or interaction with one another. In addition to this, a whole chapter is spent getting to know two characters that by the end of the chapter are dead and have little more impact than being a name and family connection that is used to spur a character forward. There are several interactions between characters talking about various ideas and concepts such as a biot, a V1, a V2 which are not explained until after it’s been talked about at some length. I am all for delving into the action, but I don’t like when new terms are thrown around without an explanation, which in the case of this book could have easily occurred before they were used.

Outside of my confusion with the terms and the connection everyone had with one another, which wasn’t fully revealed until about the mid-way point of the book, the characters were unbelievably flat and shallow. Sadie and Noah the two main characters who have been through more trauma than most people at the age of about sixteen have ever dealt with, and are in the midst of being thrown into more dangerous and difficult times, start to size one another up a potential sexual partners when the first lay eyes upon one another. I know what it was and is like to be a teenager, but in my opinion, when there are some major pressing matters, such as life and death; sex is the last thing to come to mind.

The one redeeming quality of the book was at the end, everything started to make sense and thus it became interesting, but soon the book ended, and I was left with a cliff hanger. I might actually consider reading the second book, which I am sure, will come out eventually, but I’m prepared for another long weary read before I get to the interesting parts of the book. Over all, I would give the book a two page review, though it had a few redeeming qualities, I would say tread with caution in reading the book as it was a weary read till the last fifth of the book.


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