Book Review – Code Name Sailor V vol. 1 by Naoko Takeuchi

Title: Codename Sailor V vol. 1
Author/Illustrator: Naoko Takeuchi
Format: Paperback Manga
Written: 1991
Published: 2004
Translated: 2011

I will admit that I was not one of those people who grew up watching Sailor Moon in the 90’s. I saw maybe a grand total of two episodes growing up and it wasn’t exactly my thing at the time. It was about a year ago, a friend was talking to me about the series and how she thought I would like it, so I got curious and watched the entire series. Additionally with the recent re-release of the manga I have taken to reading the series as well as have fallen in love with the characters and story line. From the start of picking up the first Sailor Moon, I discovered that there was a series about Sailor Venus’ time, before the rest of the Sailor Scouts were woken up. I was for a while curious, but not curious enough to go out and buy them.

I didn’t anticipate ever reading the Codename Sailor V manga series, but when I saw them on the shelf at the library I figured why not, it would be worth a shot, and I’m glad I picked them up. I think I’ve spent every spare moment reading the first volume, and enjoying it quite a bit! I will say that the first book doesn’t have much to do with the main plot, and it leaves you wondering till near the end some of the connections, but the humor involved in this book is by far quite good as there were several times I found myself laughing out loud.

Over all, the story was good, it had a classic feel of a Sailor Moon manga but focused on Venus instead of Moon. My only real complaint about the entire book was that some of the drawings of characters reminded me of other characters in the main Sailor Moon manga without being the same, or related. If you can easily look such a minor fault, the book was quite good and I look forward to reading the second one when I get the chance!

In the end, I would say though this book is a prequel to the Sailor Moon series you don’t want to read Codename Sailor V unless you are familiar with the series. I feel you are able to garner a greater appreciation for the events of Codename Sailor V if you know a bit about Sailor Moon. So, for a Sailor Moon or Manga fan I would say the book is a four out of five pages, as it is a joy to read and the translations with the translation notes in the back are fantastic! For those of you who aren’t that into Sailor Moon or Manga, I would say that it is a three out of five pages. It is something nice and light to pick up and enjoy if you have the spare time.


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