Book Review – James May’s Lego House

Title: James May’s Lego House
Format: Hardcover
Written & Published: 2010

Okay, this book is a small little volume based on one of the coolest projects I have ever heard of.  James May’s Lego house.  Seriously.

So, if you’ve ever watched the BBC whatsoever, you’ve probably heard of James May.  He is one of the hosts on Top Gear and also does his own show.  I watch BBC all the time – daily, usually.  So imagine my surprise when I stumbled on this book in my library and realized that the coolest project ever had something to do with one of my favorite TV people.

When May was six, he wanted to live in a house made of Lego bricks.  Fast forward a lot of years (he’s not exactly a spring chicken) and he decided to live out his dream as a special for part of BBC2’s Toy Story series.  Three point two million – MILLION – Lego bricks later (the company couldn’t make them as fast as he was trying to order them), he was building a functional two story house.  Bathroom (with working Lego toilet), Bedroom (with Lego bed and pillows), living room, kitchen, staircase… even the cat was made out of Lego bricks.

In other words, I didn’t want a house made of Lego, I wanted a Lego house, which is subtly different. ~James May

And after the volunteers came out (so many they had to turn some away for lack of space to work), they built and built and built.  And James May moved in for one night.

Six years old again.

With that said, I have a few issues with this book.  It’s not big enough (the volume is an odd size, roughly the size of a mass market but wider), the pictures are small, and James only stayed there one night.  What I would have liked to have seen is this book made larger, perhaps a coffee table book, because the story here is to always remember your childhood dreams… and, you know, I wanted larger pictures and more of them.  Not only do some of those dreams push us into the adults we become, but they can sometimes come true.

As for the book the way it is now, perfect stocking stuffer.  Five out of Five pages.


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