Book Review – The Three Pigs by David Wiesner

Title: The Three Pigs

Author/Illustrator: David Wiesner

Format: Hardback

Written: 2001

Published: 2001


The Three Pigs is one of my favorite books of all time.  It is a simple children’s book that takes a rather unique twist to the classic story of the Three Little Pigs.  David Wiesner wrote and drew a fabulous story that will charm and enchant readers of all ages.  It is a very distinguished book having won a gold Caldecott medal in 2002.  Indeed the Caldecott is for the illustrations which are gorgeous and well placed in a book and though reading is many times focused on the words sometime the pictures in the book play an integral part of the story such as Manga which I am often fond of reviewing.


Still, David Wiesner takes his illustrations to levels beyond that of a manga and does intricate details, adding little things to help make the story come alive.  One of my favorite scenes from the book is when he masterfully uses the negative space on a page.  There is a portion of the book that has nothing more than a two page spread with one page being entirely white while the other has a very small illustration, it seems under whelming to describe but when in the middle of the story it captures the imagination and makes me love the book even more.


I was first introduced to this book in a children’s literacy course and fell in love with it from that point where I had to buy it as soon as I could and for a children’s picture book it ranged around fifteen dollars which was rather steep for a poor college student and in some ways is what I consider a bit pricy for a book, but when it comes to The Three Pigs it was worth every penny.


Not only is the book a joy and a pleasure to read and has enthralled me so it is also a joy to share and read aloud as the three pigs start off in the middle of the story we are oh so familiar with before escaping that story to discover a new world and meet new friends from various other tales such as the cat and the fiddle and a dragon.  I think my favorite part of the book aside from the portions where it is nothing more than picture pushing the story along is near the end when the words get messed up.  I won’t tell you how that came to be as it would ruin the end of the story and I always feel that a surprise at the end it half the fun of reading, but all the same it is fun to read half words and sentence which entertains young listeners to no end!  Over all I can’t give this story anything less than a five star rating and recommend this to anyone and everyone to read once through.  It really won’t take up much of your time to do so and really you never know you might find yourself just as tickled over it as I was!


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