Santa Paws

Book: Santa Paws

Author: Nicholas Edwards

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Scholastic Inc., 1995

On a cold winter’s day, the week before Christmas, a young stray puppy brings a holiday miracle to the town of Oceanport. It starts with a young widow, who has lost all faith in humanity and needs someone, or something, to talk to. An older woman slips on the ice and breaks her hip, sure to have frozen to death had a strange little dog not sounded the alarm. Then there is the little boy who fell into a fountain, rescued by a four-legged hero. The town soon starts calling him Santa Paws, the hero dog, their Christmas miracle. What they don’t realize is that Santa Paws is hoping for a miracle of his own- a family and a place to call home.

Santa Paws is a cute, quick read, quite apropos for the upcoming holiday. It was fun to read, but it was definitely targeted to a younger reading audience, not only in content, but in structural level. Admittedly, I tend to read a lot of kid’s and young adult age books, but often times I do not find their writing style to be so age appropriate. This one, however, is definitely right around the 3rd-5th grade reading levels. As I said, aside from not being used to quite that writing style, it was a fun, cute, festive read, and had me wishing for a puppy of my own (never mind the fact that my apartment is questionably big enough for me, my roommate, and the cat….).

Overall, I give this book 3 ½ pages. It is not a must-read, but it is good, especially if you have or work with children. That being said, have a happy holiday season, peace and goodwill to all!


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