Book Review- Alice in the Country of Hearts vol 4

Book: Alice in the Country of Hearts vol 4, first edition

Author: QuinRose

Illustrator: Soumei Hoshino

Published: 2009

Publisher: Tokyopop

Translated into English: 2010


The fourth book in the Alice in the Country of Hearts series picks up where the last left off, with Alice both horrified and frustrated at the total disregard for life. She is found by Boris, who takes her to the amusement park in order to get her mind off of the horrors she witnessed, and she tries to convince him how important he is to her. Meanwhile, we begin to find out the motives of some, and a few more rules in the mysterious Wonderland.

Okay, I admit it. I totally fan-girled over the fact that Boris showed up in over half this book. He is one of, if not my absolute, favorite character in this series, and to see so much of his personality come through was just awesome! Yes, I know I am a full on geek for this, but I can’t help loving such a sweet character. As for Ace, well, after what happened in the last book and what came to light in this one, I was a bit disappointed with him initially, until I started really looking at it. I felt strangely sad over how much he wants to be different, wants to feel something, and it leaves you hoping he finds what he is looking for. Other than that, there really was not too much that was remarkable about this book. The graphics were awesome as usual, the story decently interesting. Overall, I give it 3 pages.


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