Book Review – The Slayer Chronicles: First Kill by Heather Brewer

Title: The Slayer Chronicles: The First Kill

Author: Heather Brewer

Format: Paperback

Written: 2011

Published: 2011

Vampires had been a topic of interest for me for a couple of years now partly because I would like to write a novel pertaining to one but significantly less sparkles like in a book I will not mention as this is not a review for it. That being said it was during one of my regular perusing’s of a book store that I stumbled upon a book called Eight Grade Bites, a story about a young boy who is half human and half vampire.  It was an interesting premise and when I delved into the story about Vladimir Tod I fell in love not only with the interesting concept but also the writing style of Heather Brewer.  She has a quirky personality that shines through her books and it makes me smile to know that there is someone else out there that loves to slip a bit of her personality into her writing such as indicating that she is a fan of the TV series called Firefly and even going so far as naming a character introduced in one of the later books, Joss.  (For those who don’t know, Joss Whedon was the man who wrote Firefly and also did the Avengers movie.)

Anyway, per my MO, I was drawn to something else she wrote, but there was more to my draw than an interesting premise with a familiar author name, it was a matter that this book can be considered a companion book to the Vladimir Tod books as it is telling the other side of his story from the perspective of the slayer.

Now before I go on and give you a synopsis of this book I will say that if you want to read the Vladimir Tod books I recommend you stop reading this review now, go read them and come back because this synopsis will blow a bit of a surprise in the books, not to say you have to read the Valdimir books to enjoy this book but it is recommended!

For those of you still with me, this story revolves around Joss and the story of how he became a Vampire slayer.  The book starts out a bit slow giving you a chance to get to know Joss and his sister before she is brutally killed by a Vampire.  I know some might think this is a spoiler but when this happens by the second chapter I hardly call it that.  The story progresses forward as Joss deals with life being the invisible kid, invisible at school and to his parents.  He is approached by his Uncle at his sisters funeral and is offered a chance at revenge by swearing to become a Vampire Slayer, the society that he swears himself too is rather archaic and entrenched in tradition, demanding obedience and no questions asked.  Yeah, set up for some bad mojo down the road I think!  The story focuses on Joss’ purification in becoming a Vampire Slayer and how he is nearly abused and broken down in almost every way in order to become a slayer.  I mean the stuff he goes through is brutal and a lot of focus is on the emo aspect of how he deserves the pain and torment that he is going through because he blames himself for the death of his sister.  In the midst of all his training a slayer is killed and there is a possibility that the slayers have a traitor in their midst.

The traitor plot had a lot of potential and really was rather good to read but you have to get through a lot of emo moments and Joss going through a lot of hard stuff to get there and even then it wasn’t done as well as I feel it could have been.  Don’t get me wrong, the book was enjoyable such to the fact that I will give it a 3 out of 5 as it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t as good as the story of Vlad. So I don’t think I’d truly recommend this book to people but I will still recommend the Vladimir Tod series as it is quite good even if Vlad is gothic and a bit emo as well (but at least he doesn’t beat himself up like Joss did).  As to the next book in the series? I will read it as the end of this book sets up nicely for the plot I know is coming and it should have Vlad in it, which in some way was the reason I picked up this book in the first place.

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