Book Review – Dining with the Doctor by Chris-Rachel Oseland

Title: Dining with the Doctor – The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook

Author: Chris-Rachel Oseland

Format: Kindle E-Book

Written: 2012

Published: 2012

Typically I am not one to read cook books, I’ll glean the internet for a few recipes and that is about the extent of things but when I was told that this was a free book, I figured why not go ahead and downloaded it.  I honestly wanted to see the Fish Fingers and Custard recipe which I sadly didn’t get to read until the end.  Yet I’m glad I waded through all the recipes to get there, even if the Fish Fingers and Custard recipe section was the most boring.

The book takes every episode of Doctor Who and pairs it with a recipe.  Sometimes these recipes made perfect sense with the episode while there were other times that I felt the author was stretching things a bit such as chicken wings for an episode pertaining to the Angels.  On the whole though, the book was entertaining.  I admit that there were  a lot of drink recipes that look fun and a lot of sculpting recipes that will drive me to the drink recipes if I ever dared attempt them but there were a lot of fun Doctor Who references and if you like Doctor Who this book might be amusing enough to pick up for free.

I never expected to laugh while reading a cook book but I did, as the author allowed humor and wit to play in things such as beat or pound things like various characters or creatures in the show or even  admitting to knowing we’ll all cheat a and run out and buy the pre-made things but as it was a cook book the author would like to pretend we actually went about doing it the hard way and actually cooked things.

Over all, I don’t think I’ll make or be able to make several recipes in the book but there are some fun ones I want to try and I look forward to when my group of friends and I each pick a recipe from the book and do a pot luck Dr. Who themed party, each bringing a dish from the recipe book.  I know I already call dibs on the BLT’s fashioned to look like Daleks!

I give the book a 3 out of 5 because not simply because a lot of recipes are beyond my skill level but because there are not pictures for  a lot of the recipes particularly when sculpting is involved and yet there are pictures for others.  Not to mention there are also some overly bizarre recipes as well that just don’t seem to be very edible.  Also, the author did take a few short cuts with some of the photos such as the Jammy Dodger recipe is featured with the store bought cookies rather than home made ones. After all it is one thing to joke about the reader cheating and buying pre-made things but it is an entirely other thing when the author does it too.

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