Book Review – Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins

Title: Mocking Jay

Author:  Suzanne Collins

Format: Hardback

Written: 2010

Published: 2010


It was per the recommendation of my fellow reviewer, Mandi, that I enter into the world of the Hunger Games one last time with the series conclusion, Mocking Jay.  Based on my poor opinion of the second book Catching Fire, I was dragging my feet to read this one.  The was particularly after reading an excerpt of Mocking Jay where ther was more whining and “woe is me” moments.  Yet, I took a deep breath and plunged ahead with the book and found myself surprised once again but this time for the better!


Before I continue with the review I would like to put up a quick warning about spoilers and I’m going to be very bad and include a remark on the epilogue.  Generally speaking I try to leave the end a mystery but there are a few issues with it that I will want to address later on in the review.  With that in mind I’ll go ahead and give my rating of the book up at the front and then explain why I gave it such a rating. I give the book a three page rating, because it was decent but not the best.  Now, I admit that I gave Catching Fire a three page rating but that was mercy rating and my being kind to that book so please bear in mind that Mocking Jay was certainly better than Catching Fire but not better than Hunger Games (which also got at three page rating).


Now on to the why I my opinion stands as it does.  It did not take long for the pity fest to end as Katniss realizes that she is needed for the rebellion and not exactly because the people of district 13 want it but because it is the right thing to do and she is tired of all the crap that is going on around her and it is time to stand up and fight for what is right and bring an end to the problems that surround her.  This change happens when she agrees to become the Mocking Jay and I begin to see the old Katniss the character that I actually liked and enjoyed reading about in the first book.  I can relate to her once more and I do actually have an interest in pretty much everything that happens in the book from this point on, such to the point that I have trouble putting the book down.


As I continued to read I was told that I would wind up hating Katniss and I she would go back to what she was but I never found that moment, I was ready for it but it never happened.   There were times where she started to lose it and burry herself into her problems but they were very short and understandable it was like a quick moment of panic and run and then she had herself back together to keep pushing and fighting and I can’t blame her, particularly when it comes to dealing with the issues with Peeta as he was hijacked and trained to kill her.  Over all the book was interesting and I kept having trouble putting it down.


Yet, despite the good of the book and my suspense over my favorite character Peeta, there were issues I had with the book.  The first being the hanging tree song.  It may have been in a previous book I don’t know and it was I’m glad I missed it because it was creepy and in some ways unnecessary I know it was Collins trying to make some moments poetic but it just didn’t work for me even when Katniss tried to justify the concept and lyrics as they played through her head on various occasions.  The other thing I found annoying and pointless was the voting on the Hunger Games to continue with the Capitol children. It made you hate Katniss and Haymitch and I found her approval of the idea a bit surprising considering what all she went through.  Seeing as the games did not happen because Coin was killed ie was a pointless filler that annoyed me more than anything and made zero contributions to the novel.


Lastly, there was the epilogue that is going to get a very nice rant for me and for that I apologize.  I’ve heard people complain about the one at the end of Harry Potter, but this one I think takes the cake!  The epilogue is pointless! It ruins the book!  The last chapter ends with a very beautiful line about how there is beauty and hope and shows that Peeta and Katniss are together and in love and in the happily ever after from that point is satisfyingly in love but no there has to be the Epilogue that has to come in and make a mess of things!  We fast forward 20 year and the creepy hanging song makes another appearance and Katniss talks about how Peeta convinced her to have kids and she worries about telling the truth of her dark past and that it still haunts her some even now.  Why? I ask WHY?  Why must we suffer this horrible moment of darkness for no point than to go look they have kids and I struggle with my life but am making do?  I find the idea of ending on life goes on and can be good, Peeta provides that and when he says “You love me. Real or not Real” and the answer is “Real” is a much more lovely and poetic ending.

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