Book Review: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 9 by Naoko Takeuchi

Title: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 9

Author/Illustrator: Naoko Takeuchi
Format: Paperback Manga
Written: 1991
Published: 2004
Translated: 2013

I would like to start off by saying that this book was not what I expected.  It was a good story but it was vastly different from the Anime.  I know the manga and the anime are different and I expect that I just didn’t realize that the story arch with the Amazonians was as different as this was.  The issue with the age swap that I mentioned in my last Sailor Moon review was dealt with rather quickly and there were no real issues with it like in the anime but it was still told well and a scene that didn’t come until later in the anime happened near the beginning of the story arch and I’m glad it did.  The interaction between Helio and Chibi-Usa is so much better in the manga than the anime that it makes me happy.

Though I did enjoy the read, I did have a few issues with it.  One of my problems with the story was that there was a bit of jumping around in the story that didn’t make sense and made me turn back a page to make sure I didn’t miss something or accidentally turn two pages instead of one.  Each time this was not the case.  The other issue that I found with the book and it was more an issue having come from the anime first is the lack of getting to know some of the villains like you do in the anime.  Fish Eye, Tigers Eye and Hawke Eye are all just one bit characters in the manga while they were major villains in the anime.  Also Hawke Eye was a girl in the book as Makoto called Hawke Eye a she as she was in a full on dress.  In the anime, Hawke Eye was a boy the reason for this gender change is beyond me.  Lastly the Amazonians are very much in this plot and I don’t mind that but as a reader I don’t get a reals sense for them.

Over all, I would give the book a three out of five pages as it is nice to read and I like the books but there are just some issues that I can’t get past.  (As a side note I was grateful to discover translation notes in the back of the book which really makes a world of a difference!)


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