Book Review: Captive Temple by Jude Watson

Title: Captive Temple

Author:  Jude Watson

Format: Paperback

Written: 2000

Published: 2000

Captive Temple is one of those books you expect a lot from and get very little.  It was a book that had intrigued me to no end years ago.  I was eager to read about the threat on Yoda’s life as was advertised on the back of the book.  Yet, said threat on Yoda’s life ended up being a passing thought that was in some ways easily forgotten and ignored.  Honestly the book was rather unremarkable.  It wasn’t terrible nor was it great, it just was.


I didn’t mind the read it was quick and interesting enough for me to stick it out till the end but there wasn’t anything stuck out to me.  Oddly enough as a reviewer I would rather have a terrible book so I could at very least rant about it rather than sit here and say that I read the book and it was decent. With that in mind I give the book a two page rating if you are bored, read it, or if you want to continue the main story arch as I do.

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