Book Review: Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino

Title: Vampire Knight

Author/Illustrator: Matsuri Hino

Written: 2005

Published: 2005

It was long ago that a college friend of mine recommended Vampire Knight to me.  I was curious as I admit that I am part of that massive influx of interest in Vampires but I promise you, they do not sparkle…EVER!  Anyway, going into the book I know more of the plot than the first book reveals.  It is a decent book with a unique premise where normal students go to school during the day and Vampires go to the same school at night.  I like the idea but I don’t like how almost every five pages the basic premise of the manga is told to me or mentioned in conversation.  I have to get through the first three chapters of the book to finally stop hearing about the same plot premise.  This is the plot, Yuki is on the disciplinary committee keeping the normal people from the vampires as there is a war between them.  The normal people don’t know that the night class is comprised of Vampires.

Once you get past the review of the main plot arch of the story, things starts to finally pick up and holds a bit of a twist.  I won’t spoil the plot twists but it wasn’t bad.  The other thing that was interesting about the book was the side notes by the author.  They were interesting to read but distracting from the story.  Matsuri was a comedic writer to begin with and it is very clear to tell that she was from that genre as it seems to me that she is fighting the comedic nature she is used to, to produce a serious type graphic novel.   I know my opinion of the manga is coming across as very negative but really once you get through the introduction the book is decent and I would give it a three page rating. Whether or not I’ll read any more from the series is left to question I guess I will if I’m bored and can’t think of something to read.

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