Book Review- Amelia Bedelia

Book: Amelia Bedelia

Illustrator: Fritz Siebel

Author: Peggy Parish

Format: Paperback

Published: 1963

Amelia Bedelia is excited to start her first day of work as a maid. Sure, her list of chores is rather odd- like drawing curtains (she was never a very good artist), or dressing the chicken (they never specified boy or girl clothes). No matter, it is what they want, and she will do it with a smile on her face, a tune on her lips, and one of her famous pies in the oven.

This book was one of my favorites as a child- I loved the silliness of her overly literal antics, so when I say this, I thought ‘why not?’ Sadly, it was not quite as enjoyable as a grown up. Perhaps I was not in the right mood for such silliness, or perhaps (but hopefully not) I have just outgrown it. Either way, while it was decent enough, it really didn’t do much for me. Still, it is not a bad book, and if you have a wee one around, it is a great read. Overall, I give it 3 pages for nostalgia’s sake (though definitely 4 pages if you have a wee one).

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