Book Review – Morpheus Road: The Blood by D.J. MacHale

Title: The Blood

Author: D.J. MacHale

Format: Hardback

Written/Published: 2012


Having just finished this book I sit here reeling over a fabulous story convinced that D.J MacHale is a master of his craft and am envious of his skills hoping to be able to manage eve a small fraction of his ability to craft a compelling story.  After waiting a very long time to get my hands on this book I can say that it was well worth the wait!  I was expecting a decent story and a conclusion to the story that I had been following along and had given a four page and three page rating to the previous two books The Light and The Black.  I expected something of the same caliber and was blown away!

For anyone who has not read the Bobby Pendragon series which MacHale so wonderfully wrote then this book will not hold the same impact for you as it does for those who have.  While this story seems to be a whole other world with new characters and a new type of fantasy with ghosts and demons MacHale brought the two separate worlds that are vastly different together and made them into one world.  The Morpheus Road series though not seeming to be such is a continuation of the Pendragon series even if Bobby never makes an appearance.

As the two worlds came together into one I found myself shouting and in disbelief and loving every minute of my reading as the story took on unexpected twists, as characters grew and changed causing the story to shift in ways you wouldn’t have expected.  This story isn’t a simple matter of looking at the bad guy and going he will be defeated by the good guys.  I know that statement may seem like a spoiler but it really isn’t because nothing is what you expect it to be!  I think that is what I love the most. I admit I wasn’t quite always in the jaw drop moments of surprise but all the same I didn’t expect all the things that did happen and it kept me interested and reading, even if I did get impatient to get to the end.  Over all, I want to give this book a 5 page rating but really the 5 pages are earned only for being so brilliantly connected to D. J. MacHale’s other books.  It is a long journey to get to that point but worth it in my opinion so I will compromise and give this book a 4 page rating and strongly encouraging you to start with the first Pendragon Book “Merchant of Death” and work your way through those books and then through the Morpheus Road books.


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