Book Review – Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones by Judy Schachner

Title: Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones

Author/Illustrator: Judy Schachner

Format: Hardback

Written/Published: 2007


When approaching another Skippyjon Jones I knew I was in for a treat, after two fabulous books that made me giggle aloud to the point that my roommate is demanding to know what I’m on about the third had to be fantastic!  Yet, I was wrong; somehow authors tend to disappoint me after I’ve fallen in love with them. The only author who hasn’t done this so far is DJ MacHale.  Yet here I am feeling disappointed by the latest Skippy adventure.


When I picked up the book it was after I had a very long exhausting day and was feeling a bit grumpy and I figured this will help pick me up because it makes me giggle.  The first thing to set things off on the wrong foot was for me to discover the book is falling apart.  This is something I don’t hold against the book itself as that is what you can get when borrowing from the library but still it put a small damper on things.  Then I open the book and though I anticipated the same formula of the last two books it wasn’t as good, it seemed forced and stretched and was just worded oddly beyond that of the previous two books.  It jumped around where I began to wonder if I was missing pages (which I wasn’t).  Also as I looked at the pictures the images were different.  It was Skippyjon Jones on my pages but he didn’t look quite the same as I was used too. I even began to question if there was a new illustrator or Judy took over the drawing in place of a former illustrator but that wasn’t the case.  Author and illustrator is both the same person who created the other two Skippy books I read but it was different and I didn’t like it.


Over all the story was disjointed, and the story had very little adventure or humor to it.  It might be a good book for kids but at the same time I’m not sure on that because I have always felt that a good children’s book is one that can hold the attention of not only kids but kids at heart.  Yet it didn’t hold my attention at all.  The only explanation for the worn state of the book is that it has to do with dinosaurs which is a very popular subject among young children, but aside from that feature it had very little value and doesn’t’ even teach anything.  I could accept losing some of the amusement factor for a lesson but there wasn’t one.  Over all I give the book a 2 and recommend you skip right over it when looking for children’s books.


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