Book Review – Midnighters: The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld

Title: Midnighters: The Secret Hour

Author: ScottWesterfeld

Format: Hardback

Written/Published: 2004


Scott Westerfeld, by far is one of my all-time favorite authors, it isn’t just a matter that I like him and his work and will be inclined to pick up a book by him if it sounds interesting, generally speaking if I’m told the man wrote it I will willingly read it because I know that it going to be a good read.  I have read most of his work and have loved every book I have read.  The only books I haven’t read by him is the remaining books in this series and his steam punk series which I believe will be reviewed by someone other than me.   Thus if ever a person is looking for an author recommendation Scott Westerfeld is at the tip of my tongue stating that any of his books are fantastic from there I can proceed listing his books in order of what I think is the best to not as amazing but still freaking good.  Easily I could probably spend this entire review expressing my love for Scott as an author but I will spare you my fan-girling and tell you about the book.


Midnighters is about a group of teenagers who were all born at the midnight hour and can thus access a secret 25th hour in the day.  It is a dangerous time filled with mysteries and surprises where ever you turn and it is a brand new experience for Jessica Day who just moved into Bixby Oklahoma (one of the few places that the 25th hour also known as the midnight hour can be experienced).  The story follows Jessica as she adjusts to having this extra hour in her life and dealing with these dark creatures that wish her dead and attack her without cause or provocation which is not how the creatures usually operate.  It is a story that is a bit slow to start but by the sixth which is only 40 pages in things really pick up and you find yourself engrossed in the world of the Midnighters, always feeling that fuzzy haze of coming out of a good read if I had to put the book down.  Toward the end, I was so wrapped up with the book that the only thing that actually pulled me away from it was the offer of fresh cookie dough courtesy of my fabulous roommate but I was quacking engrossed once more eager to reach the end to know what happens next.  Overall, I would give this book a 4 page rating and strongly encourage you to read at least something by Scott Westerfeld!


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