Book Review–Anna And The Dragon By Jill Domschot

Title: Anna And The Dragon
Jill Domschot

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If you’re like me, you’re fascinated by anything to do with dragons.   For years I collected antique maps just for all the fanciful dragon illustrations in the unexplored edges of the world.    Anything with a dragon draws me, so it’s no wonder I read a lot of epic fantasy–that genre is replete with the fire-breathing critters.

So when my friend Jill (see how I’m just sticking this “full disclosure” in here like this?  But yes, full disclosure: I’m friends with this author) asked me to beta read her book about dragons and time travel and romance I was in, despite the fact that “time travel romance” is something I’m normally allergic to nearly as much as I’m compelled by the dragons.

This is not your ordinary fantasy, and I’m pretty much going to say that if you’re looking for another juvenile Eragon or a repeat of the sexually abusive Outlander, you can just keep looking.

This is an Urban Fantasy for the person who loves dragons and enjoys hanging out with smart people.

Anna is a shy, diligent woman who keeps to herself and lives a rigid life ruled by routine and filled with a comfortable blandness.    When an eccentric free spirited world traveler called Franklin hires Anna as his research assistant the safe places begin to melt like sugar in the Portland rain.     He disappears frequently.  Is he insane or is he truly menaced by a dragon who has cursed his family with a spell designed to last fourteen generations?   And if that curse is real, what does that mean for Anna?  Will she lose her heart to a man whose love will cost her life?

I absolutely loved this book the first time I read it.   I loved it even more the second time I read it.   When it was finally released for Kindle I actually PAID for my copy–a book I’d already read twice.

That should tell you just how wonderful a story this truly is.

Grab your copy, settle back and spend your Memorial Day Weekend with Anna and Franklin in the rainswept land of Portland….with occasional side trips to lands of mystery and enchantment.    I give this one 5 bookworms.

3bookworms2bookwormsBIRTHDAY WEEK SWEEPSTAKES!!!!

Yes, that’s right!  This week is my birthday.  (Thursday, 23 May,  in case you were wondering….)   In honour of my birthday and this book I love so much I will be giving one lucky reader a present.

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