Book Review – Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 10 by Naoko Takeuchi

Title: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 10

Author/Illustrator: Naoko Takeuchi

Written: 1991

Published: 2004

Translated: 2013

Format: Paperback

When approaching this particular volume of Sailor Moon, I didn’t entirely know what to expect, and yet at the same time I was surprised.  In the past my familiarity with the anime gave me a bit of knowledge of how the manga was going to progress but gradually the two seem to be parting ways in many respects and I love both for their uniqueness.

Over all, this book was a lot more action packed than some of the other manga’s I have read which can be a good and bad things considering I had to rely on images more than words.  Oddly despite my adoration of certain picture books that I have shared on this blog, I find relying on images more difficult than relying on words, but despite this difficulty on my part I did rather enjoy this volume of Sailor Moon.  I was particularly fond of some of the moments shared between Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon as well as the relationship that develops between Helios and Chibi-Usa.

It was also fun to learn the truth about the Amazonians and how there was more to the past of the sailor senshi than I initially imagined.  In a way my pre-conceived notions about the sailor scouts has been turned on its side and it is nice to have something new to think about rather than dealing with the same-o same-o.  In the end it was a rather good story and I think I would give it another three stars as I eagerly await the next volume to come out!


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