Book Review – Vampires Don’t Sparkle


Title: Vampires Don’t Sparkle
Editor: Michael West
Published: 2013
Format: Print and eBook (most of the review done by print book)

In Vampires Don’t Sparkle, editor Michael West has managed to take the vampire and make it awesome again. He got rid of the current trend of sexy, sparkly, undead love interests that make teenage girls swoon, and instead has replaced it with something dark, something unique. Gone are the cheezy “I want to suck your blood” types that 1950s B-level horror flicks brought us. Gone are the neauveau un-scary un-dead. What he’s left us with is, well, awesome.

I was going to pick a favorite, and I sort of can’t. Vampire Nation, for instance, felt like it was a bit too short, but I couldn’t imagine it ending any other way. Even stories that needed work, like I Fuck Your Sunshine were good enough (in this case, the author attempted a Russian-esque sounding narrator and it didn’t quite work), and with minor changes would have been incredible. So really, I’m just going to tell you to read the book. There are some incredible authors in this anthology, and they’re worth their weight in words. Also, I’m not big on prologues and introductions, but I read Michael’s and actually agree with every word he said.

As for a rating, I hee’d and hawed for a bit, and… Well, there is one little footnote worth mentioning. On the very back cover, it says A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to cancer research institutions to fight the real horrors of cancer. And since the book was hovering somewhere around there anyway, I’m going to tell you to buy the thing. It’s absolutely worth a read, and, well, if buying it can cure a very much real horror of the non-sparkly un-dead kind (note: I haven’t today said that I wish cancer would get cancer and die, so I’m saying it now…), then there’s no reason you shouldn’t pick up a copy.

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