Book Review- Me and My Dragon

Book: Me and My Dragon

Author/Illustrator: David Biedrzycki

Format: Hardback

Published: 2011

So after a long sabbatical, I am back to Thursday posts! In light of the rather, ahem, painful review of Enclave (also known as “The Book That Shall Not Be Named”), I bring to you a joyous, if not short review. The book Me and My Dragon is an adorable children’s story about… you guessed it, a boy and his dragon! Actually, it is more of a boy dreaming of having a dragon and all the things they would do together, like camping (fire roasted marshmallows anyone?), reading comics, and having the most epically awesome bring your pet to school day ever!

Having a bit of a love affair with dragons, I knew I had to read this book the moment I saw it at the library. As mentioned before, it is cute, fun, and honestly, inspiring a few dragon populated dreams of my own. Don’t let the fact that it’s a children’s book fool you, it’s great for kids and adults (especially those of us who both love fantasy and have the attention span of a caffeinated flying dragon). In a way it almost had a very Calvin and Hobbes like quality to it (if you haven’t read that comic series, you need to. It is one of my favorites!). Overall, I give this a 5 page review.

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