Book Review – Keys to the Kingdom: Mister Monday by Garth Nix

Title: Keys to the Kingdom: Mister Monday

Author:  Garth Nix

Format: Paperback

Published/Written: 2003

As a reviewer I have jumped into several series mid stride and I concluded that I should start more series from the actual beginning and I thought the Keys to the Kingdom would be a good one to do this with, considering I only read the first two books and a portion of the third.  I remember liking what I read but the details were fuzzy for me.  They were certainly fuzzier that they were for other series that I hadn’t read in a long while.  This fact alone should be something for you to consider if you wish to pick up this series, that it is good but not overtly memorable.

As I began to read I found myself reminded of characters and plot lines but not remembering everything.  My biggest frustration as I read was spending most of the read trying to regal if event x happened in the book I was reading or in the next one.  In some ways this game put a damper on the read for me, and I found myself less enthused about this series now than I was when I first picked it up.  My hope is when I get into newer content things will pick up and my interest will be renewed.  Until that time I have two and a half books to get through before that happens.

So, I will continue to see how the reluctant hero Arthur Penhaligon deals with being chosen by a sentient piece of a Will as the heir to the Keys of the Kingdom.  It was a simple matter of being at the right place at the right time, or in Arthur’s opinion the wrong place at the wrong time that gets him in trouble with the Morrow Days who do not wish to give up their position of power.  If he could Arthur just might let them have their way but instead of just dealing with him they also mess with his family and friends and that is something he can’t allow to happen, because as much as our main character wishes to be a normal boy the other world known as the House in which the Morrow Days and the Will reside will not allow it.

Overall, I would give the book a solid three and say it is worth a read if you are looking for something in general to read that has a unique plot and a fantasy element.  Additionally this is a book that I think many young readers aged late elementary to early middle school would enjoy to read these books.

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