Book Review – The Long Chalkboard and Other Stories by Jenny Allen

The Long Chalkboard and Other Stories
Jenny Allen
Illus – Jules Feiffer

This is an illustrated collection of three short stories written for adults, although you’ll find it in the non-fiction section for some odd reason since comics are located in with the art books (something I’ll never understand – anyhoo…).

In The Long Chalkboard, we follow the life of a chalkboard and the people it touches – the woman who installs it, the kid maths genius, the want to be film maker.
What Happened is the story of a children’s book author who is upset that another children’s book author has written a series of similar books.
Judy’s Wonder Chili follows a bunch of people and their over-zealous desire to have Judy’s wonderful chili.

All three stories deal with a main woman character having an issue with those around her. All three end with happy endings. It’s a cute book, and I can see it making a gift for a friend that needs a pick-me-up or something to keep around just because.

I’m going to give it a four out of five pages.

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