Book Review – A Calendar of Stories by Neil Gaiman

Title: A Calendar of Stories

Author: Neil Gaiman

Format: Digital

Written: 2013



Being a Doctor Who fan, I am familiar with the name Neil Gaiman.  He is the brilliant man who penned my all-time favorite episode of Doctor Who “The Doctor’s Wife”.  He is a brilliant writer and tells such fantastic stories to be played out on the TV screen.  His other Doctor Who episode “Nightmare in Silver” is nothing to be overlooked either as I loved some of the back and forth dialogue between characters.  Thus when I see an advert for a Black Berry talking about a story or collection of small stories “written by Neil Gaiman and you” I couldn’t help but click I was curious as to how his writing outside of Doctor Who was.


From my understanding of the project Neil agreed to do 12 stores one for each month and they were inspired by tweets from people answer a question Neil would pose such as “What is the weirdest thing you say in June?” or “What is January so Dangerous?”  Then people would tweet answers and then an answer would be selected to be the inspiration of the story.   I believe there is also a segment of the competition where people submitted art work for each completed story.  The winning art piece for January drew me in, I started getting ideas based on the image alone.


When I opened the link, I was hit very quickly with the answer to why January is so dangerous.  It was a fast paced charming tale of how an old seasoned veteran is retiring and a young fresh rookie is trying to take over.  It was a story I was raptured away with and I certainly want to read more I feel like a whole novel could be pulled from the picture that compliments the story (not featured in the provided link) let alone one from Neil’s short story.  After that amazing start that I just want to go back and play with, my appetite was wetted and I had to read the other stories.   All of them were good but not as capturing as January was too me.  Though I admit May was rather confusing to me but on the whole it was a good read and I would give this collection a 3 out of five it was an average book over all despite the one I love.  If I reviewed each story individually I would give January a 4 out of five to start thing s off.


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