Book Review- The Rescuer

Book: The Rescuer

Author: Dee Henderson

Format: Paperback


For the last 25 years the O’Malley’s have stuck together, a bond forged of hardship and love; but now everything is changing. Stephen O’Malley is a man on the run – from his past, from the job that tore him apart, and from God.

    Okay, so I’m doing the shameful thing and starting at the end of the series and not the beginning. For the record, I have read the entirety of the series, and can honestly say they are much the same, so here goes. I remember picking up the first book in this series in high school and could not put it down, nor could I put down any of the rest, so as I read back through The Rescuer with a more trained eye, I can honestly say I am disappointed. The story is great, I love the characters, the jokes, snarky commentary, and action. The storyline flows well, and it is a decent read I don’t mind going back to every once in a while. That being said, it has some major caveats that make me cringe when going through it. The dialogue is a bit choppy and almost seems, at times, forced. While I could definitely see the characters saying what is written, the style and wording of the sentences does not match their personality. Actually, I feel like that goes for the non-dialogue portions of the book as well. It is decent, but it certainly could have been written better, with a much smoother flow than what it is. The grammar is not bad, but there is just something about the way the book is (probably that choppy writing) that really makes me cringe, which is a shame as there is so much potential.

Overall, I give it a 2-3. Like I said, I enjoy the series, but the writing style and grammar is enough to drive me up the wall (I know, not a real far drive), and I can only take it every so often.


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