Interview – Pavarti K. Tyler


Let’s start with the basics.  Who are you?

Pavarti K. Tyler: entrepreneur, author, mother, trouble-maker, pervert and general rabble rouser.


…and a bit about what you’ve written…

My current novel is White Chalk.  It’s an insight into the twisted reality of far too many American girls.  I deal with issues of sexuality, power, the economy and various kinds of abuse.  It’s not a book for the faight of heart, but it’s one I believe in.  Chelle is the main character and I think most of us know someone like her or someone who could have been her at some point in our lives.


…and what you’re working on right now.

I just sent the final draft of my next project to my editor!  It’s called Sugar & Salt and is about a woman who owns a brothel and falls in love, while at speed dating!


What are your earliest book-related memories?

My father used to read to me every night.  Pinoccio.

What are your three favorite books?

That’s just a mean question.  Hmmmm.  The Clan of the Cave Bear books (I read them over and over.  The DUNE series and probably Stranger in a Strange Land, the uncut edition.

How many books to do you read at any given time?  What are you reading now?

Right now I’m reading Necropolis Now by Vincenzo Bilof and BETA reading a friend’s newest novel.

Finish this sentence; when I curl up with a book, I ___

Stay there until I finish it.

To re-read or not to re-read that is the question.

I love to re-read but there are so many great books out there I don’t have the time to do that like I used to.  My To Be Read pile takes up two bookshelves!

How likely are you to read a book that’s been recommended to you?

Quite likely, especially if it’s on the advice of someone whose writing I respect.

How likely are you to recommend a book (that isn’t yours)?

I do it all the time.  Check out my blog.  I try to review a book once a week when I can and when I love something I try to tell everyone.  I LOVE talking about books.  I only wish more people read the ones I do!  Check out The Silver Series by Keira Michelle Telford, The Habitat Series by Kenya Wright, Nira/Sussa by Julian Darius, I could go on forever.

What do you look for in a good book?

I am always looking for something to make me think.  A social statement, a scientific discovery, a moral dilemma.  I love books with some meat on their bones.

Why do you write?

Why do you breathe?  I don’t know how not to.

If you couldn’t be a writer, what would you be?

Well, I’m not just a writer.  I’m a mom, an accountant, a wife, an artist, a knitter, a daughter, a friend, a pervert.  If I wasn’t a writer I’m sure 5 or 6 other things would fill the void, but I’d be less happy!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everything.  The world around me is filled with people whose stories need to be told.  I’m just one person, but this is my tiny contribution to saving the world and the people in it.  If I can make you think, make you look at the world around you through another persons lens, even for just a moment, I consider that success.

How do the people in your life seem to view your writing career?

Depends on who you ask.  My family is proud of me and happy to see me doing what I love.  My husband is beyond amazing.  Everyday he comes home and asks me “What did you write today?”

What do you see as the biggest challenge today for writers starting out?

To self-publish or not to self-publish.  The stigma of self-publishing still exists, but the tremendous success of authors like Amanda Hawking, Hugh Howey and Bella Andre make it impossible to ignore as a legitimate option.  It’s not easy, but neither is querying agents.

How do you deal with your fan base?

Well, I don’t think I have a fan base.  I have readers, followers, friends.  I wouldn’t think of them as fans.  Sounds too… I don’t know… commercial?  As for how I deal with them?  I love them!

Finish this sentence; my fans would be surprised to know ___ about me.

I’m actually a drag queen trapped in a house wife’s body.  No, I don’t think that’d be much of a surprise to ya’ll 🙂

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