Book Review – Alice in the Country of Clover: Ace of Hearts

Title: Alice in the Country of Clover: Ace of Hearts

Author: Quin Rose

Illustrator: Mamenosuke Fujimaru

Format: Paperback

Written/Published: 2012


Being a bit of an Alice addict I decided to go in for another Country of Clover book and I am beginning to question this series as a whole.  I certainly liked the Country of Hearts series and I thought it would be fun to see Alice with some of my chosen favorite characters but now I’m not so sure.   Bloody Twins the first of the collection I read I enjoyed and yet gave it a not too strong of a rating and it seems like the rest of the books have fallen in comparison.  I was excited to read Ace of Hearts because after Boris Ace was my next favorite.


On the whole I found the book the be amusing and I was ready to give it a good rating based on the amusement I was getting from the beginning of the story particularly when all curse words were bleeped out and I mean quite literally – “That *Bleep*ing furball got away again” I laughed out loud at these instances cause it was funny even if I prefer a writer to just go ahead and use the language if it is to be used.  Yet the amusement could not continue sadly and the book had to go from fun and entertaining to very frustrating and annoying in 2.5 seconds.  It took one small scene at the near end to ruin the book entirely.  We had a happy moment where Alice is with Ace and she’s confessed to her love and they are just talking about it and it gets a little romantic and sensual all at once and then as they are talking you suddenly realize that Ace is starting to choke her remarking on how amazing it is how her heart suddenly races when nervous or scared.  He then probes her about how much she loves him as he tightens his grip around her neck, she accepts his trying to kill her and asks him to make it quick he backs off and says that he would never kill her and she ends up wondering why he backed off and sticks with him and then later claiming that she loves him despite how ‘dangerous’ he can be. WTF!?


I have been making this complaint recently to my friends but what is up with the objectifying of women.  I know it happens but it seems lately that I’ve been seeing a lot of it and to be honest it is rubbing me in a very wrong way.  I am by no means a feminist but I respect myself as a woman and I believe in women being strong and beautiful and yet this sort of crap keeps getting thrown in my face and I can’t stand it!  It is WRONG and giving people a bad idea of what relationships are about!  What really grates me is that this book is geared toward young adults, particularly young adult girls!  They are already struggling with understanding relationships and having self-respect they don’t need a book giving them the wrong message!  GRR!  Okay I will stop my ranting now and leave this book at a 1 page review… it would be less than one page if I could give it that.  We’ll say I’ll give the 1 page for the decent stuff at the start but it isn’t worth picking up garbage just for that so I say avoid this book entirely.

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