Book Review- The Giving Tree

Book: The Giving Tree

Author: Shel Silverstein

Format: Hardback


The Giving Tree is a much loved childen’s story about the bond between a tree and her human boy. I honestly don’t know why this is such a loved book. While it does a great job showing what true love really looks like, for as the boy grows, the tree gives everything she has, even to the point of giving much of the essence of her life just for the boy’s happiness. It also shows a textbook definition of selfishness, as the boy continually asks for more and more, not caring for the tree or her best interests. Unfortunately, this is not meant to be a morality tale, but is always portrayed as some sort of cute, awesome, warm fuzzy book. It is not. I flat out cannot stand this book. I had high hopes for it, only to have them crash and burn in an epic blaze of horrific proportions.

Overall, I give this book a 1. This book is awful. It is depressing. Run in the opposite direction.

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