Book Review – Midnighters: Touching Darkness by Scott Westerfeld

Title: Midnighters: Touching Darkness

Author:  Scott Westerfeld

Format: Hardback

Written/Published: 2004

When asked who my favorite author is, my answer is always Scott Westerfeld.  To me he is my literary hero always crafting a brilliant story with a unique twist and fascinating characters that I always enjoy.  Of his entire published collection I’ve read all of them but the Midnighter series and his Steam Punk book.  A while ago I set out on a mission to rectify this problem considering that I do consider myself to be such a big fan of his work.  Thus I read and reviewed the first book in the Midnighter series and am now coming to you with the second.

Thinking about this book it is hard to come up with what to say about the book.  It took me three weeks to read the book.  This time frame doesn’t exist because it was a bad book or overly long, it was just a matter that I hadn’t been in the mood to read much and my head wasn’t there with the book.  It quite possibly would have taken me another week to finish the book if it weren’t for the fact that my library won’t let me renew it as there is a hold on the book.  So I blitzed my way to the end so I can return it fully read and not incur a late fee.

Over all it was a good book, it only spans the time of a week which in some ways is intense for what all happens in this book.  It starts out with Jessica Day the newest midnighter to Bixby Oklahoma finds that she has a stalker that seems to know about the midnight hour.  Why else would he be sitting outside her house poised with a camera taking pictures right at the stroke of midnight?  From this discovery things spiral out of control as there is a discovered group of people who work for the darklings in the day light hours and they want to kill Jessica and kidnap Rex to make a half human half darkling hybrid.  It’s bizarre and intense, yes but somehow this crazy talk for the plot actually works and translates well on the page, and this is why I think Scott is a master of his craft.

As to my opinion of the book I feel it is a bit of a classic middle book, it is good but I feel most of it was just as set up for the third book after we got the character introduction from the first book.  Still much like any middling story it has its merits and should not go readily amiss.  This is why I will give this book a four page rating, because it is good and if I had taken the time to read it properly rather than allow it to drag out it would have left a stronger impression with me.  If you are into weird science fiction, like Scott Westerfeld or looking for a good read then the second book is worth your time though I wouldn’t recommend starting with it.

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