Book Review – Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo? – 25th anniversary edition

Illustrated/written by: Martin Handford

Hardback 2012


Where’s Waldo is quite possibly the most well-known search and find book ever made.

Seekers look for Waldo, Wendy, Odlaw, the Wizard and Waldo’s dog on every picture, plus an assortment of Waldo look-alike followers each found once in the book, and a list of unique things for each spread.

I remember checking out these books from my local library when I was ‘just a kid’ and probably had more fun this time.  What I don’t remember from back then is bothering to look for anything but Waldo himself.  In fact, I recall a conversation with my father where he was telling me what I needed to look for and I was blowing him off to turn the page and find Waldo again.

So this time, I made sure to find Waldo, Wendy, Odlaw, the Wizard, and the dog, who appears tail only, on all the pages.  Also, I know why this is one of the most banned books in the 90s, and I made sure to go out of my way to find that illustration, too, even though they’ve changed it for the prudes out there.  She wasn’t hard to find, knowing what I was looking for.  [Note, in the original, there was a woman sunbathing on the beach, with her bikini top off – the woman was shown from the back, so you couldn’t see anything, but prudish Americans were, well, prudish.  Remember, this is a British book, and toplessness is a lot more acceptable pretty much anywhere but here…]

As for the book – the dog’s tail was oddly easy to find, despite being just a red and white striped tail (you never see the whole dog).  Odlaw, on the other hand, in his bumblebee-yellow and black striped getup was oddly difficult.  You’d think in this mostly red, white and blue book, an adult the scheme of a bumblebee would have been really easy to find, but notsomuch.

My biggest complaint about the book is the 25 people that only appear once at *some point* in the book.  Yeah, if I didn’t have a library version, I could have taken the cover off and had a handy guide, but since the library has theirs taped down, there was no easy way to seek them out, so I didn’t bother.

In all, it’s a good book to have fun with.  I might get the next one in the series for fun.  Sometimes it’s nice to re-visit one’s childhood.


4/5 pages

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