Book Review – My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf

Title: My Friend Dahmer: a graphic novel
Author/Illustrator: Derf Backderf
Format: Trade Paperback

Okay, this is the weirdest book I’ve randomly picked up this year. The title is what grabbed me first. I mean, My Friend Dahmer?! So I took it off the shelf and looked it over.
My Friend Dahmer, as it turns out, is a graphic novel written by one of Dahmer’s old classmates. So, yeah, I took it home.
Because it’s a graphic novel, the read time is pretty quick – I think I finished it in about an hour. But it’s the story of Dahmer from the start of Junior High until about a year after graduation – and after Dahmer’s first kill.
I have to say, I loved the book. The author has worked this project for several years and it really is a masterpiece. The artwork is gorgeous, the story is told well, and I, uh, sort of feel bad for Dahmer.
No, I’m not forgiving him, as the author said: once he killed the first time, that was it. But up to that point, he had a sort of shit life. His parents were too concerned with having the messiest divorce they possibly could (both lawyers say its the worst they have ever had). He was gay in a small town in a time where you couldn’t be gay in a small town. The friends he did have weren’t good friends – they didn’t talk to him outside of school, for instance, despite the fact that they lived near him and drove past his house all the time.

I can’t help but wonder how different he would have turned out if somebody gave a damn.

And I think everyone needs to look at this and buy a copy (or read it if you can’t). Because it’s incredible. 5/5 pages, for sure.


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