Book Review – Wade Boss: Hybrid Hunter by Marcus MacGregor

Title: Wade Boss: Hybrid Hunter

Author: Marcus MacGregor

Published: 2012

Format:  Paperback


When looking at requests for reviews I stumbled upon Wade Boss and thought that the book didn’t look bad – not entirely my particular style of book but the concept looked decent and I figured that the book would be palatable enough. To be honest I could not have been more wrong.    It is rare for me to finish a book and think to myself ‘thank goodness   I’m done!’  Of course typically if a hate a book that much I usually stop reading it but I pushed on ward because I felt a sense of obligation to finish it as this was a request I agreed to and is long overdue.  The only misfortune is that I can’t give a positive review for the book.


As to my issues with the book, I am a bit lost as to where to start with my issue.  I find it a problem when I read the book with a pencil handy to mark the book.  I don’t’ mark books unless they are text books but I am marking various grammatical errors throughout the book.  There are various tenses issues, occasionally poorly worded sentences and even capitalized words that shouldn’t me capitalized.  That was the first strike for me.  I’m not the best when it comes to grammar, and I am very well aware how highly riddled some of my blog posts are with errors, but I expect a book to be near perfect, and this is a far cry from it, particularly when I typically miss grammatical issues that other spot right off.


Despite the issues and having to correct the book with a pencil for the simple sake of my sanity, I kept finding issues with the story itself.  The main character is portrayed as practically perfect and yet does stupid under handed things such as agreeing to go on a date with another woman despite being with a woman already.  I know some say that this is typical guy behavior on some levels but this type of behavior disgusts me particularly when a character is being made out as the moral good.  It incenses me even more when it all works out for the character in the end.  Things did blow up in his face some but how it happened was un- realistic.  On conversation and one not-date date and both the main character Wade and this girl Rose are madly in love with each other.  On that note, I have found almost every female character to be rather simplified and objectified.   This leads me to ask a question (as this is the second book I’ve read that has done this), do men typically jump to how viable a woman is to be a romantic partner and assess her instantly on her looks despite what else might be going on at the time?  Why do we have a character upon first meeting a girl assessing how wonderful she would be at standing on her tiptoes to reach up and kiss him!?


After that, as I continued to read, I found myself questioning the logic of the character and his actions, as well as the actions of others.  Such as an organization that is associated with Homeland Security giving a man a specialize weapon and not giving him a run down on it just sending him in the field to explore the weapon and read a user manual? SERIOUSLY!?


There are a lot of things that I could tangent and rant on, as I have various notes of frustration and confusion.  I even got frustrated enough to toss the book across the room as this book tried my patience.  There are a lot random remarks and fillers that seems to be there just for the sake of words, and overall it is a poorly written book.  I would give this book a 1 out of 5 pages and not recommend this to anyone.


As an aside I noticed in the back of the book that there is a mention that this book is based on real science but I personally had trouble locating the facts particularly in regards to 150 human-animal hybrid embryos that were secretly produced in British laboratories and only found a link to a very questionable newspaper known as the Daily Mail which is the  United Kingdom version of the Onion and those tabloids that used to sit in groceries stores talking about people who were abducted by aliens and women who bore human-hybrid babies – stuff you know is fake.  (Admittedly Daily Mail can come across as and seem legit but it is nothing more than a tabloid.)


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