Book Review: QBQ! The Question Behind the Question by John G. Miller

Title:  QBQ! The Question Behind the Question

Author:  John G. Miller

Format: Hardware

Published:  2001


In the midst of a busy life and busy schedule work decided to dictate a bit of my reading list in preparation for a training seminar that I was signed up to participate in.  One of the two books they sent me was QBQ.  It was a short little book and from my understanding is an abbreviation of a much longer more drawn out book.  The book talks all about personal accountability and how one should look to themselves when it comes to their problems and consider what they can do about the situation rather than pointing the fingers at other people about the problems.


Over all I think the book had a rather good message and a good idea.  It is something that in some ways I can understand and get behind but in other ways I am only half buying it.  It is true that if you look to what you can control and do rather than getting upset about what others are or aren’t doing your life will be happier but the book still wasn’t that great.


My main issue with the book was the formatting there was a lot of unneeded repetition and the chapters were so short that I hardly was able to keep up or follow along at times.  These chapters were short snippets of sometimes nothing more than a paragraph or two.  It drove me literally up the wall!  I can’t stand that! I wished the author had clumped things together made 12 solid chapters rather than 39 min chapters! (This is a 137 page book people!)  I wanted to scream and it was just not a pleasant read, but being the good child that I am, I do what I am told to do and read the whole book.  (In the end I would have been find not reading it but hey, it is a book review).


Over all I would give this book a 2 out of 5 pages with the remark that the full on book might be much better than this shortened version of it but then again it could be worse.  That is for you to determine on your own, as for me I’ve had enough QBQ between the book and my training that I feel I’m good to go and have a solid grasp on personal accountability.


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