Book Review – Hard Times on the Prarie

TITLE: Hard Times on the Prarie: A Little House chapter book
AUTHOR: ? (I’ll get to that…)
WRITTEN: ?  (I’ll get to that, too…)
FORMAT: Paperback


So, apparently this is yet another series written because older kids get to read something and why shouldn’t younger ones (nevermind that awesome kids stuff has never been edited up…).  *sigh*

And the book is crap.  It’s apparently a shortened/adapted version of some of the stuff in the actual Little House on the Prarie series, of which I was never a fan to begin with.  But it was retold for little kids, and somehow managed to lose all its substance.  Also, I have no clue who wrote it, since they’re acting like there’s no new author when you totally change something for a different age group, but there most certainly was one.

And the book was written at some point between the 30s and now for the same reasons.  Again, *sigh*

There are eight chapters.  The first five are standalone short stories.  Chapters six-eight are really one bigger story.  I wish they would have just marketed this book as short stories if they weren’t going to bother with transition from one to the other.

Also, every story is basically the same – some huge thing is going to come through and totally screw up their way of life, and they’re going to freak out and do something monumental to not die, and in the end, it doesn’t really matter because que sera or some such.

“Oh, you mean that there is a plague of bugs eating all our crops? Let’s rush to save them, give up, and then that’s the end of the story because we’re still alive and that’s good enough”


This. Book. Sucks.  Also, it’s pretty pointless.  Just sayin’.  None of the stories have a true story arc, and the best developed character is the father, whose purpose is to not actually be around for most of these.

Just don’t even bother.  It’s not worth the paper its printed on.  1/5.


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