Book Review – American Nudist

TITLE: American Nudist: The lost journal
AUTHOR: Tony Young
FORMAT: Paperback

American Nudist is a collection of essays and articles that have been written over the years about the nudist movement in Hawaii.

The back cover talks about how a filmmaker (Clinton J. Wallace) found a manuscript at a garage sale and bought it, later turning it into the movie American Nudist.  [Note: I’m unfamilliar with the movie, although I’ve heard of the title.]

The interior of the book, though, is just a collection of articles and stuff.  This nudist organization is now accepting dues, or fyi, we’re not allowed nude on a certain beach anymore.  But there’s not a lot of substance that would get the average reader.

I held off on this review because I don’t know what to do with it.  The way it’s written, it’s not going to appeal to anyone who isn’t seriously into the history of the Hawai’ian nudist movement, and it’s too bland to hook a casual reader.  In the end, I’ve chosen not to give it a rating.  The book itself was professionally done, but the limited demographic/appeal makes it difficult to rate the book fairly.

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