Book Review – Blood Roses

Blood Roses
Francesca Lia Block

Blood Roses is a collection of short stories from author Francesca Lia Block. According to the dust jacket they’re stories of transformation.

According to the dust jacket.

And according to me… I wouldn’t have known that if they hadn’t told me. This is a collection of “short stories” but really it’s just a bunch of vignettes. A lot of these lack any substance to be called much beyond an idea. And I don’t really understand what is transforming when the stories are a couple hundred words long and nothing is resolved and nothing changes and whatever else.


FLB wrote one of my favorite novels with a co-writer, and unfortunately, since then I keep picking up her solo stuff hoping to find something else that I like. And every time, I get something that sorely disappoints me. This time I was able to put my finger on it – she is great at a moment in time. But she’s not capable of filling out a story in a way that pleases me. After reading this collection, I can certainly tell which parts of the aforementioned favorite book are hers and which aren’t.

So I’m happily turning this one back into the library.
I’d give it a 2 on writing quality alone, but since the stories don’t, imo, actually manage the point of the collection, I’m going to give it a 1/5. I’m also going to stop reading her stuff.


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