Book Review: BNA 75

BNA 75: The Flight Plan of Nashville International Airport (1937-2012)
Text: Christine Kreyling
Format: Hardback
Published: 2012

BNA 75 is a history of the Nashville International Airport and its people for the past three quarters of a century.
The book has extensive history of the airport itself, but also great factoids on how airports work (For instance, why do you have to walk all the way to gate C-24 when C-2 through C-15 are empty…?) and great factoids about the area. (In case you can’t tell, I’m really into little trivia factoids.) For instance, did you know that Nashville had a library right in the airport? I wish that they still did that sort of stuff today!

If you aren’t into Nashville, a portion of this book isn’t going to be that interesting to you. But if you’re into aviation or airports, you’ll be okay with overlooking them. I’ll give this a 4/5. Read it. 😀

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