Book Review – The Girl with No Name by Iscah

Title:  Seventh Night  Before the Fairytale: The Girl With No Name

Author: Iscah

Format: Kindel Edition

Published: 2012

I will start off this review with a few disclaimers.  First this book was placed as a request on our website to be read by one of our reviewers.  I took on this review request with the understanding that I give honest reviews as is the policy of our website.  With that in mind I must also give the honest truth that I know Iscah in person she is part of my writers group.  When I agreed to take her novel to review I did not fully realize that Iscah and the person I socialize with were the same person until after I agreed to read the book but before I started reading it – so I did go in reading knowing I knew the person.


Now that I have that out of the way I will progress forward with the details of this book and my review.  The Girl with No Name I would place as a short story.  The book itself is only about 84 pages long.  (I had a PDF version of the book rather than a Kindle version and read it on my Sony E-reader so the formatting might be a little off than the actual purchased copy of the book from Kindle).  As a short story it covers a lot of time in few words.  The story starts with the birth of a small girl who received no name due to the death of her parents.  She was raised by an old man and when he died when she was a young girl of no more than 12 years of age she went on a quest to find her father whom she had not known had died and see if he had a name for her.  It is a quick yet almost drawn out adventure as the girl travels around and grows up and meets interesting people and learns to use the magic that she was born with to accomplish different things along the way and ensure her survival.


Over all it was honestly a bit flat, the story progressed and things happened but that was about it.  There was nothing that really stuck out as strong or prominent save for a small conversation at the start of the book between the Elder and the mayor.  Aside from that it was just a tale that hardly had a point save to be a back story to a character.  As a first introduction to the world of Seventh Night – it is not a good one.  This book might be better suited if a reader read the main novel before going back to read the back store thus a reader has a vested interest in the character because one does not strongly develop as you read this back story.


As for the quality of the writing it is decent but not great.  There are mistakes and errors here and there, issues with wording on occasion.  Really the quality of this book and writing is at the level of someone writing an online writing community such as a fan fiction website despite this being an original story.  This really isn’t at the level of a professional novel; there is work that needs to be done.  Additionally there was a LOT of potential to the story there are avenues that could be further explored, descriptions of scenes are items and people that could be seized that aren’t.  In a fantasy novel I’ve come to expect things to be described to no end.  I get tired of too much description but with a lack of it I find myself wanting.  Like the Pegasus, I know what one looks like, I’m familiar with my mythology and fantasy creatures but more description would have been nice, are they larger than your normal horse? (In some mythos they are)  Just how big is their wing span?  I had to guess the entire time, as I said a lot of potential, never seized.  Of course with this being a back story these things might be described better in the book and things may have been glossed over in the interest of the main novel that this story supports, I cannot say.   Thus I have to unfortunately give this story a 2 out of 5 pages,  it is not the worst 2 I read and it was infinitely a better read than some of the other books I have read based upon a request but really I’d probably only recommend this book if you are looking for something to simply just occupy your time, or if after reading the main book this story supports you want to know more about the girl with no name.


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