Book Review – Adam and Eve-olution

Adam and Eve-olution
Ken Brown
paperback* – 1989


Ok.  I’m going to tell you something up front.  This review is going to consist of more words than the entire book that I’m reviewing.  Because when I said paperback* up there for book format, you may have noticed the asterisk.  Well, here’s the footnote:  this is a flipbook.  Also, the year is a guess.  But that’s irrelevant.

Our very first.  And probably the only one for a long time, but still.

We have a really freakin’ awesome used bookstore in town that I may have talked about a time or two before.  Outside, they have free bins for the stuff they won’t take, and a lot of people just toss in their rejects.

This book starts with several objects.  A spikey plant, Adam, the tree with the snake wrapped around it, Eve (holding the apple), and then a couple rocks and another plant of some sort.  As the book flips, Adam and Eve’s fig leaves turn into business clothes.  The snake’s head moves around, the plants turn into rockets and decay and the rocks turn into a power plant.  A&E turn into Skeletons, their heads turn into balloons, the bones rot, the balloons float away.

I’m not sure if the head floating away thing is symbolism for the soul or what (the balloons have smiley faces on them), but it’s kind of interesting to ponder.  Also, it’s all of human history (biblical anyway) in pretty much a few flippy pages.

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