Book Review – Planet Banksy Unauthorized

TITLE: Planet Banksy unauthorized : the man, his work and the movement he inspired
IMAGES: unknown

Okay, so Planet Banksy unauthorized : the man, his work and the movement he inspired is a book about a graffiti artist we only know as Banksy and the artists that have been inspired by (or just copy) his mojo. I caught this one on the new shelf at my library and grabbed it. I do have to say though, I don’t really travel in artistic circles, so I have no idea if you should just generally know who this dude is or not. I totally didn’t.
It didn’t take long to look through it. It’s basically a bunch of color pics and a little bit of text. I thought it was interesting, but a lot of the art isn’t quite my thing. Most of it is some sort of political commentary on the world. Maybe it works as a call to action for somebody, but I sort of went “hrm, interesting” and moved on to the next picture. And, because it’s art, I don’t have much to say about it.
The layout had the same sort of vibe as the pics, so in all, I wasn’t disappointed in that for a change.

And because I don’t really have that much to say about this book, here’s the blurb from my library’s website:

A full-color showcase of some of Banksy’s most innovative pieces, offering thought-provoking comparison with the works of his students Banksy is the world’s foremost graffiti artist, his work adorning streets, walls, and bridges across nations and continents. His stencil designs are instantly recognizable and disturbingly precise in their social and political commentary, flavored with subtle humour and self-awareness. More popular than ever, Banksy has spawned countless imitators, students, and fans alike, his fame–although unlooked-for–inevitably transmitting his ideas and work to the international arena. Highlighting both the relevance of Banksy’s work and how his impact has continued to spread, this book brings together some of the very best pieces of art from all corners of the world that have been inspired by Banksy, as well as some of Banksy’s own innovative, profound, and controversial work. Showcasing graffiti with a range of topics and coming from a variety of inspirational sources, this book provides an overview of how the man’s work is changing the face of modern art, as well as that of urban landscape.



So how to rate this. I mean, unless you’re really seriously into this dude’s artwork, there’s no point in buying it. Find it at your local library and just look at it there.
I’m giving it a 3/5, but I could see how some people would make it a 4.


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