Book Reivew – Alice in the Country of Clover March Hare by QuinRose

Title: Alice in the Country of Clover March Hare

Authors: Quin Rose

Illustrator: Soyogo Iwaki

Format: Paperback

Published:  2014

So it is half way through November now and I am sure you are sick and tired of Alice reviews.  I know I’m sick of writing them though I’m not sick of reading them.  Yes, I enjoy them that much.  Any way I promise this will be the last one for a while.  It’s not the last of the comic/manga genera but it is the last Alice story for now.  I’ll promise for the reminder of the year no more Alice from me.


Anyway this story if focused of course on the March Hare also known as Eliot.  He has always been a fun and awkward character he is number 2 in the mafia and very loyal to Blood Dupre who is the head of the mafia.  He’s a very focused individual of doing his job well which includes shoot first ask questions later though there are no questions as all are dead, but still Eliot has always been a bit of an awkward bunny.  I’ve found him to be cute at times with his obsession with carrot anything and I love that Alice usually wants nothing more than to squeeze his ears (something that she does not want to do with Peter White the other rabbit in the series.


Anyway with just how awkward and cute Eliot is, the same is true of the relationship as Eliot is unsure of himself and how things are with Alice and she is equally unsure and they sort of dance around each other in the story.  Of course Eliot loves Alice and protects her no matter what and Alice eventually realizes her feelings for him and book is just a ball of cuteness peppered with gun fights and jealousy from the other characters that also love Alice.  Over all it is a classic Alice/QuinRose story and I overall enjoyed it particularly the end.


With this review I believe outside of Boris, I find the mafia family to be the most interesting and fascinating characters of the series and I think on the whole I will enjoy most books that focuses’ Alice living there and being with them.  Over all I think I’ll give this book a solid and strong 3 pages out of 4 saying that it wasn’t bad, but it was good but not overly remarkable either.  It is a good light read to pass some of the time.

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