Book Review – Mr. Wuffles

Title: Mr. Wuffles
Author: David Wiesner
Format: Hardback
Published: 2013

Mr. Wumples is a true picture book. (Okay, there are about six words… but they’re not really the story anyway.)

In this book, the cat ignores its new toy because, duh, cat.  But also because of another cat toy-looking item – an alien spaceship.  And the rest of it looks like a comic book, except there are no words (okay, the aliens talk, but in total symbol gibberish), and it’s all about the aliens trying to deal with the cat and the cat wanting the aliens.

It’s full of weird unexplainable cat behavior, but when the cat is staring at “nothing”, we know that the aliens are in the walls, holed up with the mice, and that’s what has the cat’s attention.


So a word of advice.  I got this to ‘read’ to the baby (11 months old) – not knowing there were no words – and he was bored with it.  But given to a kid of the right age group (or an adult that just doesn’t want to totally grow up old), and you’ll have a winner.  5/5 pages.


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