Book Review – Hawkeye My Life as a Weapon

Title: Hawkeye My life as a weapon

Author:  Matt Fraction

Illustrator:  David Aja & Javier Pulido

Format: Paperback

Published: 2013


Yes, I have been a Marvel kick as of late and I am unapologetic about this. I am in fact completely unapologetic that I am reviewing a lot of comic books but I find the stories to be quite good and entertaining and something I can do in my limited time my life affords me.  I like the characters crafted in comics and am addicted but that is me I love a good story and if I can get it quickly that can be good.  That isn’t to say I have abandoned books entirely I am actually slowly working my way through an actual book that is something more than a children’s book, but as I’m only half done I’m far from doing a review and comics are something I get through quickly.  I may be big about reading but at times I am slow at reading and to be honest I am a bit slow at reading and I suffer from reading ADD I am the type who could easily have 12 books going at once.


Any way my coworker had this comic with him and I stole it as well at the time I stole the Thor comic from him.  I had heard good things about this comic from the unique art style to it being a rather good story and really I was a little underwhelmed.  Maybe Hawkeye isn’t the hero for me.  Not to say I wouldn’t watch a Hawkeye movie and not because Jeremy Renner is an attractive actor but I feel that a movie might translate better to me than this comic did.  It had some good stories but they didn’t really grip me much. The best story to me was the young Avengers story that was tacked in the back of the comic book.  The characters had a lot of flavor and personality and I wold gladly read more of these characters.  Maybe that was my issue with the Hawkeye comics there was a certain lack of personality on some levels and it was more about the action.  For me I love characters and getting into their heads rather than just being his with some great action sequences.


Any way over all I would give this comic a 2 out of 5 I kept me occupied during a boring day at work but that was about it.  This book might be for some people but it wasn’t for me at all.

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