Book Review – Carpe Demon

Title: Carpe Demon (Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom)

Author: Julie Kenner

Format: Trade Paperback

Published: 2005

I first learned of this series at a sci-fi convention where the author was on a panel I attended. The summary sounded interesting, so I hunted down a copy at the library.

The story follows Kate Conner, an ex-Demon Hunter who is now the parent of two and whose life now revolves around playdates, grocery shopping, and throwing together last-minute dinner parties for her would-be politician husband. At least until a demon comes crashing through her window.

Now Kate is thrust back into a world she’d retired from, and she quickly learns how unprepared she really is to step back into the life. In many cases, the steps she takes to reintegrate herself seem to come far too easily, but the author pokes fun at that idea through the character’s self-deprecating humor.

The book was a quick read (I finished in less than two days at work), if a bit shallow. After the third or fourth time Kate had forgotten about an appointment or something she’d agreed to do, it made me roll my eyes a bit, and the characters very rarely showed depth and were a bit one-dimensional.

Despite that, it was a somewhat engaging read – although experienced mystery readers will figure out the plot twists quickly – and I have already reserved the next at the library. A definite beach-read style book, but worth picking up at the library or used book store if you need something quick and easy.

3/5 Pages (though technically I would put it at 2.5)


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