Book Review – Wickedly Dangerous

Title: Wickedly Dangerous

Author: Deborah Blake

Format: Paperback

Year Published: 2014

I found out about this book series at DragonCon when the author was on a panel. The series sounded interesting (dragon-in-the-form-of-a-dog! Multiple Babas! Stolen children!) so I got a copy of the first book.

I really enjoyed it. The story follows Barbara Yager (one of the Baba Yagas, a witch from Russian fairy tales), who has been summoned to a town following the disappearance of several children.

Baba’s investigation puts her into contact with the local Sheriff, whose tragic past means the missing children weigh heavy on his heart. Liam is never portrayed as bumbling or bad at his job (although he may not be the most savvy with the political side of it), and his desire to see the children home safely allows him to overcome his disbelief when Baba finally tells him about herself and what she can do.

I liked both Baba and Liam, and enjoyed watching them fall in love (not necessarily an easy get-together, due to their pasts, but not a romance where you wonder why they’re even trying in the first place either). The side characters were not necessarily fully fleshed out (the three Riders, for example, who appear, but get so very little screen-time they feel more like stock characters), but none of them seem so underdeveloped that I felt that they had been plucked from a catalog.

Resolving the mystery and getting the children back seemed too easy, at the end, as the villain is identified early on and much of the obstacles thrown in their way are overcome without too much effort on the parts of our heroes.

The ending did seem a little predictable, as Baba finds a potential replacement to train, which means she’ll be settling down more in one area (which in turns leads to an easier romance with Liam), and I wish we’d gotten to see more of her successor, but as I do prefer happy endings (when they don’t seem out of left field), I was not upset at the idea.

I’d give this 4/5 pages – the characters are interesting, the storyline is slightly predicable at times, but still keeps you turning pages, and I’m looking very much forward to reading the second book.

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  1. deborahblake1
    Jan 22, 2015 @ 20:36:32

    I’m so glad you liked the book! But I wasn’t actually at DragonCon, so you must have seen me somewhere else 🙂 Robercon in Binghamton, NY maybe?


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