Book Review – Flight of the Eagles

Title: Flight of the Eagles (The Seven Sleepers Series)

Author: Gilbert L. Morris

Format: Paperback

Year Published: 1990

The Seven Sleepers series is a Christian fiction series based around the idea that seven people will survive a nuclear war in our time – and wake up in 50 years to a world that is completely changed. These seven “sleepers” are thought to be the fulfillment of of a prophecy that would uplift Goél and bring about the defeat of the Sanhedrin.

Flight of the Eagles focuses on Josh Adams, a fourteen-year-old who is put into a capsule and wakes into a world he barely recognizes. He must come to terms with not only the loss of his family and his previous life, but he must also learn about the new world and life he has now found himself in. He is aided in this by creatures that he could never imagine – dwarfs and giants and mutants, all changed by the Terror that changed Earth into a place called Nuworld.

The first book of the series focuses on their journey to find all seven of the Sleepers, aided by a series of songs and a map left to Joshua by his parents. They travel across the land, waking each Sleeper one by one, and get into terrible danger along the way. As they travel, Josh and Sarah (the second of the Sleepers to awaken) begin to experience visits from Goél and gain strength by trusting him.

This book (and I assume series) is a very firm middle-grade book, which shows not only in the plot, but also in the writing style. The characters are, for the most part, rather flat (in many cases, this is because they are barely introduced). There’s a little bit of world-building, but not a ton. A lot of ground is covered several times, as the group travels to wake each Sleeper in turn.

I enjoyed the book, for the most part, and am looking forward to reading others in the series. I probably would have enjoyed it more as a young teenager.

Rated 2/5 pages due to limited appeal for adults.


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