Book Review – Fruits Basket vol 1 by Natsuki Takaya

Title:  Fruits Basket vol 1

Author: Natsuki Takaya

Format:  Paper Back

Published:   2004

Written: 1999


Okay, so I have a friend who is big into Manga, we actually met because of our mutual enjoyment of Sailor Moon.  Every year for her birthday she chooses someone to watch the anime Fruits Basket with her.  About a year ago she chose me because I had never seen it.  It was an absolute joy and I enjoyed the entire series, it was absolutely adorable and heart warming over all with a few good heart wrenching moments and a certain level of humor.  Fruits basket it its own unique story with it’s own unique genre, the best I can say is that it is a bit of fantasy and I loved it to say the least.


Considering how much I enjoyed the anime I knew I wanted to read the manga one of these days.  I was warned that the manga is good but rather different in certain ways than the anime but I have to know and I am very curious.  So far I have not come across many differences this first book was a set up and it is equally cute and adorable as the anime and actually covers a lot of anime episodes in this one book.  But instead of comparing the two mediums the story is presented in I’ll actually give an overview of the book.


The book follows a young girl named Tohru who is living in a tent, having lost her mother and wishing not to impose on the kindness of others.  It is how she happens upon the house of Shigre Sohma and Yuki Sohma who through a series of events ends up inviting her to stay with them instead of in a tent in the dangerous wild.  After staying just one night Tohru learns that the Sohma family has a secret which is that there are members of the family who are cursed by vengeful spirts of the Zodia.  Shigre is a dog, Yuki is a rat and Kyo who is another member of the family who also will start living there is a cat and an outsider to the family as the cat is not part of the Zodiac.  (There is a whole legend as to why a cat is not part of the Zodiac that plays into this story.)


Over all, this first book was some set up as Tohru learns about the three people she is living with and getting to know them and be their friend and they all in getting to know a little about them selves in the process.  I know by giving a summary of the book here I may not be selling the story but it is really worth the time and the read and it really isn’t as dull as it sounds.  I would highly recommend this book and am thus giving it a 4 out of 5 page review.

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