Book Review – Sunday Comics

DC Creative Team
(originally 2009/newspaper periodical)

Okay. I was looking at graphic novels and I came across this one and decided to take a chance on it.
The format is pretty straightforward – six full color pages for each comic strip, 15 strips. And HUGE. Like from the far tip of my finger to beyond my elbow. My cat stretched out on it and didn’t extend off the book.

So apparently in 2009, somebody did a subscription service. Six(?) issues, each containing one page of the comic, like a serial. The return of the Sunday comics in the newspapers, you know? And then after they did that, they put it all together in a hardcover book.
And herein lies my first problem… these were designed to be on newspaper and flimsy and easy to flop around and read. In hardback, not only does it have a considerable mass, there was no position I could figure out to read this comfortably. I finally ended up in bed with both of us propped at weird angles.

As for the stories themselves, I’m admittedly not much of a DC comics fan – I just think that Batman and Superman are too overdone and most of their movie franchises have been crap. But I love Wonder Woman, and she was in this, so I lugged the book home from the library.

I’m sorry.

The first five I read were Batman, Kamandi: The Last Boy, Superman, Deadman, and Green Lantern.
Batman had an interesting twist that I liked and Superman was a sweet story, and by far the best. But I still only rated each story 4/5.
Deadman was meh, and Green Lantern was okay enough, but totally forgettable. If I hadn’t written notes about it, I don’t think I’d’ve remembered that I read it. 3/5.
Kamandi was by far the worst comic I have ever read, and I went through six pages like a train-wreck, hoping it’d get better.

So the book sat here for a while because I just couldn’t will myself back to it.
I finally picked it up and skipped to Wonder Woman. I want to cry. I don’t know what idiot decided to tell her story in frames the size of postage stamps but that, combined with some of the color choices, made the cells totally freaking impossible. One of them I almost didn’t see Wonder Woman in and she was front and center. I had to give up after a couple pages because it was giving me a headache.

*sigh* So I read six stories out of 15 (by my count).
The average rating for the stories was a three, but the rating I’d give the format of the book is about a 2. I wavered on what to rate this for a while, but in the end, I think I’ll give it a 3. I think if you were more a fan of DC comics (I really was experiencing part of this for the first time) that you’d be more willing to overlook the issues, but don’t buy it unless its on sale somewhere. This is the type of book that you leave sitting around to look good, but not one that you want to read time and time again.

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