Book Review – Fruits Basket vol 2 by Natsuki Takaya

Title: Fruits Basket vol 2

Author/Illustrator: Natsuki Takaya

Format: Paperback

Published: 2004


As I have delved into the story of Fruits Basket it has been an absolute delight.  When I’m not reading the books I struggle to find the gumption to pick up the next book and yet while I’m in the book reading it I’m filled with warm fuzzies.  It is like wrapping a blanket around you while sipping a cup of hot chocolate.  I enjoy the books they are cute and amuzing and help me to relive the joy I had when first watching the anime.  Usually I’m a stickler for book then movie but that opportunity wasn’t available to me in a lot of ways so I’m doing it in reverse and I know the books are different than the anime and things will happen differently at some point but thus far practically everything between the book and the anime is almost identical.


I look forward to seeing what else may come from the books as I read through and pick up the next book in the series that is actually sitting on my desk with a figurative label on it that shouts out ‘Read me!’ as do the other two books that are currently sitting in my bag.  Of course there will be a bit time between this review and the review for the next book as I have other books that I have read recently that deserve some attention.  But over all the book was good it tells a great story of how Yuki and Kyo are becoming close to Tohru and how she sees them for wonderful people that they fail to see themselves as.  Additionally more of the Sohma members who are cursed with the Zodiac are introduced such as Kagura Momiji and Hotari.  All of them unique and rather entertaining.  Truth be told I do look forward to meeting other characters that I have met before in the anime and the other members of the zodiac that did not make it into the Anime. Overall, I would rate the book as a 4 out 5 pages.

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